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RED – 2012 – An Inter Corporate Cultural Competition

School and College had 2 monumental occasions! A sports Day, an Annual Day which was the most vibrant part of the Academic Year!! Of course, in colleges we had the Inter Collegiate Festivals which we all energised ourselves with!!

The Inter Corporate Mini Olympics which were highly successful for 3 years used Sports as the medium to bring teams from Companies together! Entertainment became a more intense, vibrant one this year! It became even more special when we linked a cause to it namely the Environment and Education of Under privileged Children.

RED 2012, presented by Carrot Excel Combines, had a spectacular run at the Anna Centenary Auditorium on 23rd Jun 2012, beginning with the preliminary competitions starting at 0800h in the morning and the Valedictory Function happening at 1900h! We had a panel of eminent judges which included the likes of Thayanban, Unnikrishnan, Ramesh Vinayagam, Varalaxmi Sharath Kumar, Jeffrey, Anthony, M.Raja, Vijay, Latha Menon, Shakti Girish, Devanshu Arya, Sidney Sladen, Sona Hayden and Vivek Karunakaran.

Amazing how little initiatives can become large movements!! How one small step becomes a journey!! That’s how it’s been for us in the RED team, a journey of rediscovering ourselves, the people around us, a journey of learning, delearning and relearning! It all ended with giving a strong positive high to all who were a part of RED 2012!!! We had around 15 companies vying for the winning position in Music, Dance, AdZap, Variety Entertainment and Fashion Show. We also had the companies looking at holding forth in the other awards that included Best Cheering team, Best Mascot, Best Colours, Best Fair Play and the Best Overall Champion! The positive high energy witnessed amongst participating companies, amongst counterparts, amongst the guests, visitors, families was supremely special. It reiterates the burning need for organisations to utilise such strong employee engagement methods to raise the sense of belonging and happiness quotients that is responsible for togetherness, high energy, positivity and better productivity.

RED 2012 has left a mark in the minds of all who touched it and the coming years will have many more occasions for Carrot Excel Combines to bring to the fore, programs of this nature. The next engagement opportunity would be when companies come together in September for the Inter Corporate Mini Olympics 2012 say Mr.Anand Balakrishnan and Mr. Unni Nair Managing partners Carrot Excel Combines.